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Episode 33: Adam Wright Episode 33

Episode 33: Adam Wright

· 53:17

Welcome to episode #33 We’re thrilled to be joined by Adam Wright today.

Adam Wright is co-founder of LeapN, a 'Build Your Own Metaverse' platform, and M8Call, an upcoming experiential, live event transforming romantic relationships as we know it.

Prior to diving into the web3 metaverse & special events creation industries, Adam thrived in TV production for over a decade, producing hits like American Ninja Warrior, Dance Moms, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Based in Venice Beach, he stays active with workouts, fun outings with friends, and planning his upcoming event, M8Call.

Welcome to the show Adam!


  1. Can you tell us about your experience with neurodiversity? When did you realise that you weren’t neurotypical? What challenges did you face? What is it like now?
    1. Grade 2 crush => locking bike to hers
    2. 3 concussions as a kid
    3. Looking at social dynamics from the outside
    4. High school grades not great - busy with extra curriculars
    5. At university head of several clubs/fraternities
      1. Last minute approach to study + Adderal
    6. Got job with serial entrepreneurs - unconventional approach to work (had to bring bed into office)
    7. Found
  2. What "work" projects are you concentrating on?
    1. LeapN: victim of the crypto bear market
    2. M8Call: 2 day experiential conference on spirituality, wellbeing and dating - December 16th/17th
  3. How about the rest of the time? What do you enjoy doing in your off time?
    1. Realisation that 100hr weeks aren’t sustainable
    2. Working out
    3. Getting back into dating (after having done inner work)
    4. Doing something creative every week - not focused on monetising
    5. Journaling 
    6. Getting out in nature
  4. What does your morning routine look like and how has it evolved over time?
    1. Best self enjoys routine
      1. Get up early
      2. Prayers
      3. Go to church (non-denominational - pastor is former VC)
      4. Read from spiritual text/personal
      5. Kettlebells (quick workout to wake up brain)
      6. Coffee + avocado + banana
      7. Planning the day with pen and paper
    2. Unreliable narrator likes chaos
      1. Doom scrolling on tiktok/insta
  5. What do you do to optimise productivity during your working hours?
    1. “Winning The Week” - 10 tasks per day
      1. 1 big task: 1-2hrs
      2. Medium tasks: 30 mins
      3. Helps avoid overpromising
      4. Communication policy
    2. Do desk work from 4am to 8am before sun rises and 
    3. Nap in afternoon
  7. What is one habit you'd like to remove from your life (either a bad habit or one that takes up too much time)?
    1. habit of going down rabbitholes - 
  8. How do you switch off at night?
    1. Sleeping well recently
      1. Reading himself to sleep
      2. Going to sleep at 9pm
    2. Letting go of FOMO
  9. What resources (books, philosophies, apps, sensory toys) do you find most helpful for productivity and habit formation?
    1. “Winning the Week”
    2. Body doubling, e.g. Business Model Club (in person works best)
    3. Focus Bear helpful for routines: body doubling
    4. Asana + Asana Mastery course
    5. Lifehack club
  10. Where can people connect with you or find your work?
    1. https://linktr.ee/adamwright 
  11. Do you have any final words or asks for our audience?
    1. Come to M8 Call
    2. Stay out of self identity/identity politics - strive for service and adventure

Joey’s creativity course: https://thepluckyjester.com/habitling-habit-building-course/ 


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