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Episode 19: Bouncing back/Adjusting habits with Joey and Jeremy Episode 19

Episode 19: Bouncing back/Adjusting habits with Joey and Jeremy

· 25:49

Welcome to the Focus and Chill podcast, a show dedicated to discussing productivity tactics for Neurodiverse individuals. Join us as we interview guests with lived experience of neurodiversity and solid productivity skills. We're your hosts, Jeremy and Joey.

Joey is a creative coach who helps ambitious projects come to life through the power of habits and focus. Jeremy is a Neurodiverse software developer and startup founder, creating habits and focus software for people with ADHD.

This podcast is sponsored by Focus Bear, a habit and productivity app that makes healthy habits and deep work effortless. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to focused productivity. The app guides you through your habits, blocks unrelated websites and apps, and even reminds you to take breaks. Check out the app at focusbear.io.

In this episode (Episode 19), we discuss our personal habit journeys and the challenges we've faced. We explore ways to overcome disruptions to our routines. Joey shares his experience with AI technologies and disruptions to his sleep. Jeremy talks about his recent trip and how it affected his schedule. Join us as we navigate these challenges and find solutions.

If you're a creative individual looking to bring your ideas to life, Joey can help. His project aims to help imaginative people like you turn their creative dreams into achievable daily habits. 


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