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Episode 52: Reflections with Joey Corea and Jeremy Nagel Episode 51

Episode 52: Reflections with Joey Corea and Jeremy Nagel

· 28:12

Welcome to episode #52 We’re your hosts, Jeremy Nagel and Joey Corea, and we're thrilled to share our 2023 reflections with you today!

Key points:

  • Structured reflection
    • New Years resolutions
      • Why wait? If it’s important, do it now
      • Accountability Group
        • Sharing vs doing it on your own
      • Timing:
        • Birthday
    • Structured reviews
      • Format
        • Wins: what worked well
          • Joey:
            • Released book: Dilemmas to Decisions
            • Increased workouts from 4 to 5 per week - plus 12 reps per set 
            • Started Plucky Jester business and got first $ in
            • Got back into social media for business purposes
        • Insights: learnings
          • Most satisfaction from gaming if take breaks (e.g. play for an hour, take 10 minute walking break, and then play for another hour)
          • “Life is happening for you, not to you” - Obstacle is the way
          • Trying to do everything on his own is not always the best way
        • Pivots: what will I do differently?
          • Cultivating self-healing - time for meditation/time in nature
          • Anxiety management - “Cognitive Dominance” 
          • Diminish victim mindset
    • Review Frequency
      • weekly/monthly/annual
    • Monthly reviews
  • Unstructured reflection: Remembering to be mindful
    • Re-entry meditation (shoes -> breaths)
    • Walking through doors
    • Posture
    • Peeing


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