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Episode 26: Dr Bree Gorman Episode 26

Episode 26: Dr Bree Gorman

· 25:42

Welcome to episode #26 We’re thrilled to be joined by Dr Bree Gorman today.

Bree Gorman is a diversity and inclusion consultant working with organizations to create sustainable, meaningful change. Prior to launching Bree Gorman Consulting, they worked as Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Deakin University. Bree’s expertise is in using data to design and inform Diversity and Inclusion strategies. They have lived experience as a minority gender in the sciences and as a genderqueer bisexual.

Welcome to the show Bree!

  1. Can you tell us about your experience with neurodiversity? When did you realize that you weren’t neurotypical? What challenges did you face? What is it like now?
    1. Children got screened - they did a screening themselves
    2. Ph.D. work in 6 months
    3. People-pleasing tendencies - wanted to please parents
  2. What "work" projects are you concentrating on?
    1. Business
      1. Consulting: DEI projects
      2. Training and education: inclusive leadership education
    2. Business is much more preferable than working in a job:
      1. Ability to choose projects
      2. schedule
  3. How about the rest of the time? What do you enjoy doing in your off time?
    1. Play cricket: flow state
    2. Podcasts: couple mundane tasks
  4. What does your morning routine look like and how has it evolved over time?
    1. Start with breakfast
  5. What do you do to optimize productivity during your working hours?
    1. Play games - 20/30 seconds to stay longer in seat
      1. Royal Match
  7. What is one habit you'd like to introduce to your life?
    1. Exercise via team sport
  8. How do you switch off at night?
    1. Wake up early and go to sleep early
  9. What resources (books, philosophies, apps, sensory toys) do you find most helpful for productivity and habit formation?
    1. Eckhardt Tolle - emotional regulation
  10. Where can people connect with you or find your work?
    1. LinkedIn
    2. breegorman.com.au
  11. Do you have any final words or asks for our audience?
    1. Game suggestions
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