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Episode 14: Joey and Jeremy interview each other Episode 14

Episode 14: Joey and Jeremy interview each other

· 41:48

JN: Welcome to the Focus and Chill podcast where we discuss productivity tactics that work for neurodiverse individuals. 
JC: Every episode we interview guests with lived experience of neurodiversity who also have a solid productivity and habit game and pass the learnings on to you, our wise and benevolent audience.
JN: We’re your hosts: Jeremy and Joey.
JC: I'm Joey, and I coach creatives to get moving on their most ambitious projects through the power of solid habits and strong focus. I’m also a perpetual student of psychology and perpetually on a quest to a one-armed chin up
JN: and I’m Jeremy:  I’m a neurodiverse software developer turned startup founder building habit and focus software for people with ADHD. My cool party trick is leaving parties early so I get to sleep on time to do my 3hr long morning routine.

Welcome to Episode #14 of the Focus and Chill Podcast. In this episode, we've decided to interview each other about information management, exercise, and something we've learned recently.

  1. Information management
    1. Zettelkasten
    2. Anki (spaced repetition)
      1. Learning quotes/poetry?
      2. Cloze card type
      3. Essay on Anki http://augmentingcognition.com/ltm.html
  2. Simulated Live Webinars
    1. Don’t do it, please


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