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Episode 11: Joey and Jeremy new year new goals Episode 11

Episode 11: Joey and Jeremy new year new goals

· 36:33

JN: Welcome to the Focus and Chill podcast where we discuss sustainable productivity and habit formation while avoiding the allure of hustle culture.
JC: Every episode we interview guests who have a solid productivity and habit game and pass the learnings on to you, our wise and benevolent audience.
JN: We’re your hosts: Jeremy and Joey.
JC: I'm Joey, a habits and focus coach, perpetual student of psychology and perpetually on a quest to one armed chin up.
JN: And I’m Jeremy:  I’m a neurodiverse software developer turned startup founder building habit and focus software for people with ADHD. My cool party trick is leaving parties early so I get to sleep on time to do my 3hr long morning routine.

Happy new year! It’s 2023 and we’re back with a special episode on goal setting.

Hey Joey

  • Discussion points:
    • New year’s resolutions: how we approach them
      • Joey
        • Offset goals
        • Importance of goals
          • A time to reset
        • OKRs
          • Habit course: Habit course is profitable
            • KR: 10 Testimonials
            • KR: $25k
          • Brain food: ingestion + regurgitation
            • KR: listening/reading backlog not too long
            • KR: engagement on blog posts/podcasts
          • Movement
            • KR: seeing people face to face, wrestling, dancing
            • KR: advanced calisthenics
            • KR: mindfulness (quality of meditation)
            • KR: art (guitar, painting)
      • Jeremy
        • Systems vs goals?
        • OKRs/12 week year
          • For personal achievement
          • For relationships?
    • Joey Course + new season of Fulcrum

Joey’s links

Goal Execution
Goal Evaluation https://soundcloud.com/thefulcrumpodcast/bonus-goal-evaluation-sphere-straddle
Goal Setting https://soundcloud.com/thefulcrumpodcast/bonus-episode-goal-setting
Habit building

Build a Habitling course sign up
I also have a newsletter where I share 4-5 ideas I have come across in the last few weeks 
ThePluckyMessenger newsletter

Jeremy’s links
Radical Focus (book on OKRs)


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